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AMS 2017.07

The July 2017 version of AMS (the Occupational Health Management software of choice) was released on 30 July 2017. This post provides an overview of some of the more significant new features and improvements that you can expect.

AMS downloads are available at http://ams.deepred.co.za.

Patient Vitals

vital signs Record and track you patients’ / employees’ primary vital signs on an easy-to-use, one page capture form.

Electronic Signatures

Signing AMS generated medical certificates is now simpler and easier to do. Signature panels are larger and clearly labelled with the signatory name. Signature dates are shown as watermarks beneath the signature.

Cloud Connectivity

AMS Cloud checks whether you have an Internet connection, and automatically switches to offline mode in case it is not available. Similarly, if for some reason your offline database is not available, AMS Cloud automatically switches to online mode. Accessing your Clinic system from anywhere (home, office, the beach, …) is now as simple as switching on your PC.

Back-office Integration

Sites that integrate their medical test results to back-office systems, can now include the AMS generated certificate. If using AMS DigiSign, the electronically signed legal document can be automatically sent to your records management system.

Lung Function Report

lung function report The standard Lung Function report has been substantially improved.

  • Past results are included on the report and in the graphs for trending
  • FVC and FEV1 history is included graphically to evaluate any loss of function over time
  • Standard prediction points (PEF, FEF 25/50/75, FVC) are shown on the graphs to quickly identify any potential problems
  • Addition of FIVC

Baseline / Milestone Audio

AMS automatically triggers a notice to the operator when the system determines that a patient’s hearing loss is reportable in terms of the various acts and guidelines.

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