Run your OH Clinic from the “Cloud” with AMS

ams cloud occupational health software
The Occupational Health software of choice

Software that is conventionally sold as a perpetual licence is normally associated with:

  • An up-front cost for software
  • Annual licence fees
  • The user pays for support or service level agreements
  • Time consuming and in many cases on-site software upgrades
  • The user has to pay for data backup services or has to concern themselves with data backups
  • The upkeep of on premise servers which can cost thousands per year on maintenance

Enter The “Cloud”

There is a better way of doing things. Software as a Service (SaaS) falls into the category of stuff (please excuse the highly technical term) covered by the “Cloud”. AMS Cloud is a SaaS implementation of AMS (the Occupational Health Management software of choice).

AMS Cloud provides a safe and hassle free off-premise data storage and backup system. There’s no need to concern yourself with the safe-keeping of records required to be kept for up to 40 years.

AMS Cloud connects you with your clinics. Where there’s more than one clinic in your organisation, AMS Cloud provides a seamless web of data connectivity which means that a patient can visit any one of your clinics at any time and his records will always be available. The clinic owner and the OHMP can access the system from their laptop, from anywhere in the world.

With AMS Cloud, you pay a single monthly rental fee. There is no in-contract period and no annual maintenance fee. This includes continuous support.

Some benefits of AMS Cloud are:

  • The software is downloaded to the operator’s workstation on demand
  • Data and backups are managed centrally
  • The application is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Upgrades are installed 4 times per annum and automatically downloaded to workstations on demand
  • Patches are applied as required
  • Offline mode allows for uninterrupted operation when off the network e.g. remote sites and mobile units
  • New sites can easily be added to the existing network
  • User provisioning and access control is managed centrally
  • Single copy of employee and medical records means data is available at all sites without any copying or manual entry needed
  • Reports for any testing site are quickly accessible from anywhere and the results can be aggregated across all sites
  • AMS Online (web portal) provides dashboards, reporting and data view capabilities from any device with an Internet connection
  • AMS Online allows your customers to access their employees’ records securely from any device with an Internet connection

How it hangs together

ams cloud occupational health software Managed Server

The main AMS server application and master database is hosted on a managed server in the “Cloud”.


Each clinic will be set up with its own local database on the local network. Operators in the clinic can work regardless of Internet availability. Data is sync’ed in real time to the main AMS database in the “Cloud”.


The OMP (or any authorized user) can access the system from their work or personal laptop or computer using the AMS application via a standard Internet connection.


Customers will have access to their employees’ data using their Internet browser on any device with an Internet connection.

Don’t get left behind

For a small monthly fee, can you afford NOT to implement the services of AMS Cloud in your clinic?

For more information please visit the AMS home page;


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  1. I am starting a occupational health mobile clinic and are interested in your software. Please qoute me or phone me for a setup

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