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AMS 2017.10

The October 2017 version of AMS (the Occupational Health Management software of choice) was released on 12 November 2017. This post provides an overview of some of the more significant new features and improvements that you can expect.

AMS downloads are available at http://ams.deepred.co.za.

Online / Offline Application Launcher

A new application launcher is available for AMS Cloud and Enterprise. Auto-updates have been streamlined; downloads are quicker and use less bandwidth. Application startup times are significantly faster.

Audio Testing Usability Improvements

computerised audiogramVarious improvements to Audio testing have been made.

  1. A completely re-designed process for multi-module devices provides a richer experience for the operator.
  2. The Audiogram can be viewed in real-time in addition to the standard text output currently available.
  3. Operator messages and warnings are more easily accessible.
  4. Previous test results can be shown on-screen during the testing for quick reference and problem identification.
  5. Ambient noise can be tracked and reported.

SoundEar Integration

audiogram noise measurement SoundEar is a noise measurement device. AMS processes the feed of noise information from SoundEar during Audio testing, and will automatically pause any tests when a specified noise threshold has been exceeded.

New Audiometer Tremetrics RA660

tremetrics industrial audiometerThe RA660 is the latest multi-module Industrial Audiometer from Tremetrics. AMS integrates with device, consolidating all your medical results in a single system.

Medical Exam Usability Improvements

"medical surveillance" Audio, vision and spiro reports can be accessed directly from the Medical Exam, making the OMP / OHP review process far simpler.

File-based Integration

All test results (audio, vision, spiro) can now be automatically saved directly to text files for import into any back-office system.

Data Migration

Data migration functions have been added for KoKo PFT and ACTS Puretone. Switch now to AMS to enjoy all the features of the Occupational Health & Management software of choice, and retain all your legacy data.

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