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AMS 2018.01

The first quarterly release of AMS (the Occupational Health Management software of choice) for 2018 is now available. This post provides an overview of some of the more significant new features and improvements.

AMS downloads are available at http://ams.deepred.co.za.

Employer Work Siteswork site hygiene

The introduction of Work Sites allows you to setup up work sites / sections for each Employer on the system. This allows for configuration of location specific risks and hygiene factors. A Patient is linked to a work site, which can determine the types of medical surveillance required. Reports and statistics could be extracted based on Work Sites.

Physical Ability Assessmentphysical ability assessment

A new addition to the medical examination, the Physical Ability Assessment. Record and track an individuals physical abilities, used to determine their fitness for certain tasks.

Audio Reportingaudiogram interpretation

  • A new report Missing Baseline Audit, lists all Patients that do not have one of the  regulator baselines on record; ie. Clinic /Entry, Regulation 171 (National Baseline), Regulation 839 (Milestone Baseline).
  • System calculated interpretations (eg. reportable shifts) are optionally printed at the bottom of the audiogram.

Exit Medical CoF

The following values have been added to the Exit Medical CoF:

  • Current & Baseline Audio PLH and ST
  • Current Spiro FEV1 & FVC


Additional fields have been made available on the UNI Integration staging tables for consumption by third-party or back-office systems:

  • Employer on all test types
  • Patient race and environmental temperature & pressure on Spiro

“Toast”audio calibration

Non-critical application notifications are presented as a “Toasts” (non modal, unobtrusive window elements used to display brief, auto-expiring windows of information to a user). This keeps the operator properly informed, without having to deal with annoying popups.

General Usability

  • The type of Spiro test (FVC / FVL) performed is “remembered” by the system between tests.
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