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AMS 2018.07

The July 2018 release of AMS (the Occupational Health Management software of choice) is now available. This post describes some of the highlights.

AMS downloads are available at http://ams.deepred.co.za.

AMS Online

ams online portal

For our Cloud customers, access to selected records and data is now available online using a web browser. A patient’s Certificates of Fitness can be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Access can be granted to a clinic’s customers so that they are able to access their employees records online.


ohsa hearing conservation

US OSHA guidelines for hearing conservation, including age correction, are now supported in AMS. Track standard threshold shifts for a subject’s left and right ear independently, and guide the operator as to whether a result should be considered for intervention. 

Device Support

The following new devices are fully supported:
Oscilla SM930 audiometer, MIR Minispir spirometer.

Vision Screening

The vision screening workflow has been greatly improved. A separate Night Vision step has been added. Choose the tests to perform, indicate whether the patient is wearing glasses for each one and the program will guide the operator through the process.

Spirometer Calibration Report

ohsa hearing conservation

The calibration report for supported spirometers has been reworked. Trial data, including flow curves, is now included. Also, the report can now be digitally signed and the electronic copy securely stored in AMS as a permanent record.

User Accounts

Additional information about a user can be captured, eg. title, name, professional credentials. This information appears on reports and signature blocks.

Patient Photos

Greater flexibility is provided for patient photos. In addition to taking a photo directly from a web-cam, they can also be uploaded from the computer or saved to the computer as an image to be used in other material.

Additional Reports

Several new reports have been included: Extended Medical Summary Report, Usage Stats, OSHA History.

RMA Extract

Rand Mutual Assurance requires regular data extracts from its members. These can be created directly from AMS in the correct format for submission to the RMA.

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